Sep 15, 2017

20th anniversary party!

The date for our birthday party is now confirmed for December 2nd. 

We will be releasing further information over the next few weeks but what we can tell you now is that for the first time in almost 17 years the original line up of the band will be playing songs from our first album Neverendinglasting!

Those of you who bought tickets for the original date are already on the list. Anyone else wanting to guarantee a place can buy a ticket by mailing to: punkpappan [a] 

If you want to go with turning up on the night then you will still need to mail your name and personnummer/DOB to us in advance since this will be a closed party and alcohol will be being sold at very reasonable prices!

Remember though, there is no guarantee of entry without an advice ticket.

Link to the event on Facebook here

MexiCali 2017

Apr 30, 2017

Doomstar bookings

We are happy to announce our new partners in crime, Doomstar bookings!
After being friends with them for many years we decided to let them handle all bookings for us here in europe. So in the future, contact luc [a]

Feb 29, 2016

Finally! Our new album "sirens" will be released April 15th.
More info and details about it can be read here.
The song "walls" from it can be heard here.

We also have a US west coast tour coming up!